Welcome to the new Upward Impact site!


Welcome to the Upward Impact site! Spiffy, huh?

My name is Nyk Zukowski. I am the head honcho around here.

I’ve been a web developer since I was 13 in the late 90s and have been doing SEO since 2010; professionally since 2012, working in a couple agencies before going it alone. I launched Upward Impact after being an independent consultant for nearly a decade, taking time to make sure I had a firm grasp on SEO before making the very serious decision on my career trajectory.

All of the data on this used for marketing purposes is work that was conducted by me and a small team of other SEO professionals who I’ve worked with. Our current team is a small but mighty force of people who are good at SEO and enjoy what they do. We are ready to rock.

If you’re a business owner and serious about your SEO, I hope you find this website to be informative and assure you that your investment is safe and backed by a competent provider with a data-backed track record of providing excellent SEO services.

To your success,