Case Study: Executive Job Board

Complete overhaul of a national executive job board for high-level commercial construction executives

Organization Vertical

Client operates national job board for executive-level job placements within multiple sectors

Campaign Details

Campaign executed from 2017-2020. Analytical Maturity reached after 1.5 years. Site rebuild with fresh SEO.

Primary Objectives

Rebuild job board, secure employer contracts and connect them with qualified industry executives

Services Rendered

Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Link-Remediation, Link-Building

Campaign Initiation

In response to a Craigslist ad we placed in 2017, this client came to us seeking SEO services for their executive job board. 

Our sales/onboarding process is generally between 2-3 weeks within initial contact for serious clients. It's really important to get a clear view of expectations and realistic goals and we need to build a little bit of rapport to see if we're gonna be a good fit.

We generally try to meet in person if possible. Maybe it's that we're old school, but at the end of the day we're all human beings and there is no substitute for face to face conversations especially while discussing something as important as the future of your online presence.

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Houston, We Have a Problem

When this client got in touch with us, their online presence nearly non-existent. Their website was a dilapidated WordPress installation that was desperately in need of repair, upgrade, and restructuring. 

However, there was a problem. 

The client did not have the WordPress login credentials to be able to make changes to their site. This presented a major challenge, as it is critical to have access to their website backend to make the changes necessary for the SEO to be effective. 

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Bigger Problem Than Wordpress

Unfortunately, the WordPress issue was the tip of a rather frustrating iceberg. The client had a serious issue with their hosting provider wherein their provider wasn't aware of their account and had it marked for deletion "soon" but had been in limbo for a half a year (unheard of and completely unprofessional). 

However, as you'll see, we worked through this and emerged victorious. 

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Server Migration Completed

After a little elbow grease and dealing with some nice folks over at GoDaddy, we finally got the site migrated properly. Once we had it moved over and got Administrator privileges, we were ready to rock. Here we had an exact copy of the site with the access we needed.

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Benchmark KPI Keyword Rankings

Before the new site was launched or any work had been done on the site, we conducted a very basic benchmark ranking report.

As the client was most interested in their two primary KPI keywords and just wanted quick updates on general, we presented rankings in email format like this while tracking a larger landscape of related keywords in our ranking software. Because these were so far down in the rankings, this is the only way we could track progress because of our ranking software not tracking this far down.

In this case, their rankings were so far back in the results that it's a miracle that Google could even find their site in the first place.

Jokes aside, they were so far off the map that they were ranking #389 and #276 for the two primary keywords. This is beyond dead visibility. 

So we had our work cut out for us.

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Let's Start Over: Site Teardown & Rebuild

Though our client came to us seeking SEO, after fully assessing the condition of the site, we determined that the amount of work necessary to attain our goals was not in the best interests of our client and that the best way forward was to tear the site down completely and start fresh.

So we did.

After a lot of back and forth with design and content tweaks, we designed the site to our clients' satisfaction. The new site was launched in August of 2017.

This would be a significant turning point in the client's business.

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New Site's 4-Month SEO Update

We did SEO the right way, right out of the box with the new site. In doing so, we saved a lot of our client's time and money. When the new site was deployed, it took several weeks for the dust to settle once Google crawled and indexed the site, essentially making it available to the world as the new version.

This dramatically increased rankings. At the 4-month point, we already had massive upward movement in their rankings.

The first official registration on the site happened on September 19, 2017. Some of these are large scale companies looking for executives and some are executives searching for jobs.

As the site continued to grow, it brought on a sudden influx of new contracts, as we'll see below.

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The first official registration on the site happened on September 19, 2017. Some of these are large scale companies looking for executives and some are executives searching for jobs.

As the site continued to grow, it also brought on a sudden influx of new contracts, as we'll see below.

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Things Start Taking Off

By the end of 2017, we had been working on the account for approximately 9 months. The client began seeing increases like these more regularly. 

Correlation eventually begins to take on a more solid appearance of causation. After the ongoing SEO had continued, the greatest influx of clientele started coming in around the beginning of 2018.

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New Site's 18-Month SEO Update

Considering how competitive this industry is, to have reached 14 keywords in the Top 10 within this amount of time was impressive and effective. 

By this time, the phone was ringing off the hook and there were applications and jobs regularly coming through and being filled. All throughout 2019 and 2020, the client continued to see continued engagement. 

One of the additional KPIs on this account to the employer contracts shown above that continued to grow with rankings was the number of registrations and subsequent applications, which continued in a steady stream for the duration of the campaign.

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Campaign Lifecycle

This campaign was continued through February of 2020 and received steady growth during the lifecycle of the campaign. The campaign was closed because the client felt like they had reached the point where they had all the business they could handle.

We left on excellent terms with both parties feeling accomplished. This was completely unrelated to performance or results.

Overall this campaign was wildly successful at landing large scale contracts and quality candidate placements.

It Was Nice To Meet You!

We hope you enjoyed reading about what we do and what we can offer. 

We'd love to have you as our client.